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PawPooP Picker

PawPooP Picker

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 Easy to Use: It is very easy to use to pick up the waste to keep the surrounding clean. Before using it, you just need to raise a slide lock piece. Wrap its jaw with a garbage bag, pick up the waste, and discard the bag.

Hygiene Features: The pooper picker has hygiene features. It allows users to dispose of the waste without coming into direct contact with it. It includes mechanisms that open and close the collection without manual intervention.

Foldable & Transportable easily: The poop picker is convenient for pet owners on the go as it folds in half for easy storage and transportation. You can just slide the black lock up and bend at the joint to fold it. It can be stored in smaller areas when not in use as it does not take up space.

One- Handed Operation: You can hold the dog in one hand and the picker in the other while walking outside with your dog. You can easily use it with your one hand to clean your dog’s poop outside as it is simply operatable with one hand.

Multi Uses: This poop picker can be used for many cleaning purposes in your surrounding. It can be used, not only to pick up poop of dogs, cats, and other pets, but also to pick up waste from grass, grave, concrete and dirt for yard maintenance.

High- Quality & Durability: High-quality poop picker is made to survive repeated usage and exposure to the outdoors. Its all parts are composed of materials with exceptional strength especially the springs, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Large Capacity: The poop picker fits a lot of waste in it as it has large capacity. The jaw’s capacity has increased by 10% and its maximum size can be extended to 5.9 inches, making it easier to pick up poop of large dogs.

Call to Action: Let Paw Poop Picker make your life easier and promote cleanliness around your surroundings while being responsible pet owners. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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