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Inkless & Wireless: A4 Portable Printer

Inkless & Wireless: A4 Portable Printer

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Lightweight & Portable: You can easily carry this lightweight printer anywhere; this portable printer perfectly fits for travel essentials. It takes up little room and fits into laptop bags, briefcases, school bags, and tote bags, making it to work and learn while you are on the go.

Thermal Printing: Say goodbye to ink related issues and save money on your printing needs as the M08F printer has thermal printing technology, which doesn’t require expensive ink, toner, and ribbon. You can clearly print multiple print types such as text and graphics website content by using only A4 thermal paper. (Note: This printer only supports thermal paper, not regular paper).

Bluetooth & USB Connection: M08F A4 printer wireless printer adopts Bluetooth & USB connection which makes it highly compatible with multiple devices such as IOS and Android phones, MAC, window system computers and laptops.

Superior Printing Quality: M08F- A4 Portable thermal printer is designed with a high-quality print head, making it easy for you to print clear text, images, graphics. You can keep the printing for at least ten years. (Note: black and white printing).

Battery Capacity: Big Battery Capacity – Thermal M08F printer has the built-in rechargeable battery which can last for 20 hours and print 140 sheets continuously when fully charged. To charge this printer, you can connect it with a variety of devices such as a car charger, power adapter, power bank, laptop charger etc. 

Call to action: Let Portable the thermal printer to fulfill your printing needs and make your life easier. You can print anything, anytime and anywhere. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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